Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Out: Sushi Red

Sushi Red is probably the closest you can come to a traditional Japanese sushi joint in CT. The owner and chef (the same guy) respectfully bows as you enter and directs your seat. We chose the bar for that up close and personal experience. I've been here before, but Nancy thought the open air kitchen stood out. A lot of sushi restaurants will make the sushi up front for you to see, but the entire kitchen behind the chef is exposed. The chef has nothing to hide and we agreed it makes for a refreshing setting.

$9.45 is a fair price.
Sushi Red on UrbanspoonWe're compelled to order a Dragon roll when we go to a sushi place, because I've been doing that since I started frequenting Japanese-American restaurants. We had options: Dancing Dragon Roll, Red Dragon Roll, and Orange Dragon Roll, but decided on the standard one. The maki is light and simple compared to it's garish cousins doused in eel sauce and loaded with cooked eel. It is a no frills version of what we're used to, but it still delivers on freshness and flavor. Certainly, the artful zen garden-like slices in the avocado invite you to take another piece.

6 pieces of nigiri sushi and 4 pieces of sashimi isn't overboard is it?
Of course, we didn't stop there, this is me we're talking about! While hunting through the menu I had a feeling the sushi would be excellent and boy was I right. The chef winked as he slipped extra tako (octopus) on our plate and it was telling of his feelings about his dishes and his customers. The fish is very fresh and very tasty. The chef knows what he is doing when it comes to simple traditional sushi. The accompanying sauce drizzled over the tako was a nice touch albeit unusual. His rice had something we couldn't put our finger on, but we didn't ponder it long as we were busy stuffing our faces. Also, the soy sauce is noteworthy featuring a hint of tanginess. At the end of our sushi binge we were given free mochi ice cream. What flavor? Do you have to ask? Green tea of course! And it was a generous gesture. Sushi Red is hands down a fantastic, local, one-man-show sushi place.


Location: 450 East Street Plainville, CT 06062


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